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This issue is off to ONS 2014, being held in Stavanger, Norway during 25-28th August. It will also be SMM in Hamburg, Germany from 9-12th September 2014, as will I, so let me know if you fancy meeting up.

PCE-International continues to go from strength to strength, and this is our biggest issue yet. It is packed full of exciting projects and new technologies, so how can you afford to be without it?

Lifting the Lid explores how and why the Society for Protective COatings (SSPC) is endorsing the MPI “Train the Painter” programme is a highly advanced and internationally recognised training scheme that is used to teach corporate educators how to train contractors and craftworkers who perform surface preparation and coating application.

Up Font looks at how it is all change for labels. The familiar orange hazard warning pictograms on paint products are set to change across the paint industry.

Spotlight sees our regular Maintaining/Protecting an Icon feature turn its attention to intumescent coatings in the form of fire protection for the Flame Towers project in Azerbaijan. These iconic, inspirational, tall buildings are in the Baku district on a hill overlooking the Caspian Sea, and represent a leap of faith in the development of the region. The choice of FX5120 from Sherwin-Williams Protective and Marine Coatings’ Firetex range for the last 22 to 26 metres of steel structure – known as ‘the flicks’ – meant the fire protection of two hours was possible.


With corrosion being an issue which needs to be addressed on wind turbines, Analysis takes a look at how a number of protective coatings systems were reviewed, with, in this case thermal sprayed zinc coming out on top. It also features the X-Series wind towers, which have been metal sprayed on behalf of Endurance Wİnd Power. We also hear how Hempel has enriched its fire protection range with a new instumescent waterborne solution.

The first of the two features in In Focus shows how varienty really is the spice of life for Bagnalls, one of the UK’s leadings painting, decorating and specialist coatings and specialist coatings contractors. Two of its recent more diverse contractors. Two of its recent more diverse contracts, featuring a hospital and a lighthouse refurbishment are highlighted here. The second features how Belzona composite repair materials and protective coatings were used to repair and coat three pump volutes and impellers suffering cavitation and erosive wear in the Littleton Pumping Station.

Update features a state of the art paint and handling equipment for agricultural machinery production in North America, the latest pipeline coatings projects, and a fully automated application robot that covers the whole range of hotspray membranes and sprayable resin systems.

Powder coatings that can be applied to wood, and an end to toxic biocides in ship hull coatings are among the advances that Akzo Nobel foresees as a result of evolutions in paint technology are featured in Review. We also take a look at he latest advances in safety equipment.

This issue concludes with some of the latest testing equipment available featured in Testing Times, located at the beginning of the News section, followed by all the other news and impotrant dates for your diary.

I hope you enjoy this issue. PCE-International is looking forward to bringing you more news and opinion on international projects, technology, equipment and innovations in the nexy exciting issue!

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